What is sewing time? Crochet and Literature!

No sewing time, I actually don’t even have blogging time. It’s The Secret Life of the Bees time.
I’m preparing for an oral literature exam – I’m the examiner, not the examinee, and it’s an awful lot of work. I still love the book, even after reading it three times, analyzing it from the first to the last page, designing a reading diary for my students, writing a solution for the reading diary and designing an exam about the novel.
I’m deeply into narrative technique, plot devices, characters and role plays. I teach and examine this book for the first time, so I’ve NOTHING to just fetch from a drawer.
Sometimes it’s really hard work to be a teacher, but it’s fun anyway.

I’m doing some hexagon crochet aside, because they are handier in front of the TV and less tiring than hand-sewing hexies. And they’re hexies anyway. 🙂
Pics are coming, and a tutorial – I promise!

Be creative and stay relaxed!