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Surprise Mail

Last week I happened to be the lucky one at Maureen Cracknell’s giveaway of a TEN FQ bundle of Indie in the Midnight colorway by Pat Bravo for Art Gallery Fabrics sponsored by Moona Fabrics.

I did not expect any package until at least 4 weeks later, that’s what snail mail usually takes to crawl from the US to Germany. Moona Fabrics used a faster mail service, thanks a million to Sue Morris from Moona Fabrics! The goodies have arrived today! Here they are:

These are the first Art Gallery fabrics I have had in my hands, the fabric is incredibly soft. I look forward to sewing with these!

Thanks again to Maureen for hosting so many awesome giveaways.

Best wishes

Stash Management

There’s a linky party on fabric hoarding collecting at Sarah Quilts. Since I’m on holidays I did some necessary sorting and cleaning in our flat, aka some fabric sorting and stashing. So it’s a good chance for showing off a bit of would-be OCD. 🙂

We live in a three-bedroom flat, so I don’t have a sewing room. All my fabric, sewing notions, sewing machine and scraps are stored in our living room. I sew on the table and have to move away everything for our meals, so handy storage is a must.

I’ve moved my fabric forth and back, but now I think I’ve come up with a workable solution which can be moved as it is into a possible future sewing romm (wishful thinking!).

I bought a stack of cardbord boxes with lid about half a year ago, and another stack of them a few weeks ago, to store my stash. My stash basically is in that stack of boxes when out of the cupboard:

I sorted my fabric in a color wheel into the boxes, all pieces in FQ size or larger folded into the box, all strips, strings and smaller than FQ pieces sorted into zipper bags and stacked into the boxes according to color. All boxes are labelled with the content. The insides of the boxes look like that:

black / grey
brown / neutral

While sorting I discovered several larger pieces of yardage in black and white I had completely forgotten about (ahhemm), so the boxes are quite full right now. White yardage goes fast, so the boxes will probably  be empty sooner than I want…

I tend to sew a few extra blocks when making a quilt top, so there is a box with an assortment of orphan blocks and a ton of 4-patches, for a mystery quilt from a German patchwork magazine which I did not like, to be sewn into some projects. I don’t know yet what I’m going to do with these…

There is a box for home decor weight fabric which I ususally buy at sales only for bags. I got some Union Jacks on sale the other time, they are made from quite heavy tapestry fabric and are going to make fabulous flaps for messenger bags.

There are a few more boxes with strings, HST for another Over the Rainbow quilt, quarter square triangles, 2″ and 2.5″ squares and some sewn 2.5″ squares for a postage stamp quilt, a project box for a leader-ender-project with checkerboard 4-patch blocks (finished 2.5″) and a basket with my ongoing quilting. So everything is neatly stored, into cupboards, like this…

sewing closet
sewing and household items in my closet
fabric boxes and sewing machine

Of course I’ve got a few fabric baskets with knitting and crochet work in them, but I won’t be showing them to you now.

A post on my crochet project is upcoming, I’m taking photos for the tutorial right now.

I got a lot of inspiration for my stash storage and scrap management from Bonnie Hunter’s QuiltvilleTheresa Rawson’s Stash Manicure and Amanda Jean Nyberg and Cheryl Arkinson’s book Sunday Morning Quilts.

BTW, here’s the link back to Sarah Quilts.

Now you’ve seen my undies drawer, what about yours? 😉

Happy sewing, stashing and sorting!

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Aurifil Giveaway!!

(all pictures taken form Maureen Cracknell’s blog

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Made with Jelly Rolls – Wedding Quilt

I posted about this quilt nearly a year ago, and have had it stored in my closet ever since. And now it’s official, my friend’s wedding date is set and she will get this quilt made with three Jelly Rolls.

And – FINALLY 🙂 – on April 27th it will move to its new owners. They don’t follow my blog, so they won’t know anything about this present. I look forward to seeing their surprised faces.

In general, I use Jelly Rolls quite often. Also the Over The Rainbow Quilt is made of Jelly Roll strips. I had it in the Quilting Gallery Show and Tell three weeks ago and finished second. Thanks a million for your votes by the way.

Now I go blog hopping – give it a try, it’s real fun. Last time I won three prices and found lots of interesting and lovely blogs with tons of inspiration.

Happy sewing or hopping,