Surprise Mail

Last week I happened to be the lucky one at Maureen Cracknell’s giveaway of a TEN FQ bundle of Indie in the Midnight colorway by Pat Bravo for Art Gallery Fabrics sponsored by Moona Fabrics.

I did not expect any package until at least 4 weeks later, that’s what snail mail usually takes to crawl from the US to Germany. Moona Fabrics used a faster mail service, thanks a million to Sue Morris from Moona Fabrics! The goodies have arrived today! Here they are:

These are the first Art Gallery fabrics I have had in my hands, the fabric is incredibly soft. I look forward to sewing with these!

Thanks again to Maureen for hosting so many awesome giveaways.

Best wishes

Spreading the word…

of another really awesome giveaway at Maureen Cracknell’s.

That’s what you can win this week:

Emmaline Sewing Patterns for Friday's GIveaway!

Glimma Canvas for Friday's Fabric GIveaway!

Aurifil Giveaway!!

(all pictures taken form Maureen Cracknell’s blog

Well, basically, it’s best to just subscribe to Maureen’s blog and see her fantastic giveaways right there every Friday.

Good luck!