12 Skirts Later

I’ve spent the day sewing the costumes for our school musical. In total I need 12 petticoat skirts for the dancers, one dress, one skirt, one blouse and one shirt prepared with velcro tape, and change the size of an “authentic” dress, so far. Let’s see what the rehearsals tomorrow bring, probably lots of fun and more sewing to be done. But there are still three weeks left to the premiere, so it’s ok.
Exams are almost over anyway, I’ve got only four more exams to conduct, but I don’t know how many more skirts and dresses to sew… 🙂

Drumroll for the fashion show:
 12-DSCN2319 08-DSCN230909-DSCN231611-DSCN231810-DSCN2317  07-DSCN230806-DSCN230703-DSCN230405-DSCN2306 04-DSCN2305  02-DSCN230301-DSCN2302

Keep being productive! I look forward to quilting after so much dressmaking… Here’s a glimpse on my current WIP:



Happy sewing!


Sewing, but no quilts…

I’ve got lots of sewing work right now. At school, we’re rehearsing a musical about the Students’ Revolutions in Munich in 1962. You could imagine situations like in Istanbul today. 
All are in Sixties clothes, so I’m sewing petticoat skirt after petticoat skirt. They turn out really fabulous, but it’s a lot of work to make this type of underskirt. I promise photos by this week. 

It’s sewing anyway! What are you sewing these days? 

Have a good week! 

Contructing a site… another time

I’m tearing my hairs as far as it’s possible with my extra short spiky hair… it’s really difficult to construct a page. I work at a computer every day and I’d say I’m fairly good at it, but I don’t have the slightest idea of website building, page design or the likes…

I’ve finally decided to move over my blog Nähtante Quilts from Google Blogger. So, this is the new site. An announcement on Blogger will follow.

Spreading the word…

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