I Spy Boys Quilts

I’m just realizing that I haven’t posted the quilts I made for my sons, I basically finished telling with my visit to the customs office in order to pick up the fabric I had ordered… well, that’s a long time ago…
So, here we go:
I had some pattern in mind that was similar to the “All Framed Up” Baby quilt by Melissa Correy, because I really love the design, but, as usually, I didn’t use a pattern and ended up with something different.
But, the two quilts with my sons’ names appliquéd onto some of the blocks turned out nice and are well loved. That’s more important than sticking to any pattern…

So, I worked out a pattern consisting of a charm and two halved charm pieces with a 1.5″ sashing strip (1″ after sewing) inbetween and tried to arrange the pieces alternatingly, so that there would be a pattern of parallel lines, but not  so obvious. After a bit of struggeling with the layout, the block sizes and the assembly of the quilt top (pattern designer  struggle for you!!) a lovely boy’s quilt turned out.

Next problem: the quilt back. I had ordered RJR fabrics on sale to make two different quilt backs, but unfortunately one fabric was out of stock and I only got half the quantity ordered, the other fabric was shipped in the quantity ordered but was in three pieces… annoying, but what do you expect for 3$ per yard designer fabric. So, I decided to piece the backs together from 10.5″ squares (10″ finished) as Bonnie Hunter offers in her back tutorials. That really comes handy because it’s so easy to calculate.
So, here’s the quilt back (before ironing):

 It turned out really nice, quilted without any problems with the seams on the back in a straight line grid following the white sashings. Fast and easy, here’s a quilting detail.
For binding I used a striped Very Hungry Caterpillar fabric, because I love striped bindings and my sons love The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

So… **drumrolls** here’s the finished quilt front and back, hanging over my ironing board:

 Finished, washed and dried it was immediately loved… 🙂

 Thanks for bearing with me.

Happy Sewing!


Honeycomb Pillow Times Three

Honeycomb Stitch-Along
*** Attention, this is a picture-heavy post! ***

When I saw the fantastic pillow sew-along on Echinops and Aster I decided that I wanted to try this pillow, it’s really gorgeous. My dad’s a beekeeper and he turned 60 last week, so I quickly got to the idea to make these pillows for him as a birthday gift.
So, finally, I made three of them – two for my dad and one for my hubby. Here they are:

a.) my test pillow in fabric that more or less matches the fabric used in my Helix quilts

b.) the pillows I gave my father for his birthday

I did the 20″ pillow case, and it fits precisely! Jenelle did a really great job in designing this pillow, it’s fun to make and a joy to look at.
The fabric collection Honey Honey by Kate Spain looks precious, it’s a really good choice. But I’m a Kate Spain fanatic anyway… I’d probably love all her fabric lines… 😉

Congatulations to Jenelle on this awesome work!

I printed all the instructions, and I’m sure I’ll make a few more of these. They are really easy to follow and very understandable. So: full recommendation and at least 7 ********* to Jenelle for her pillow!

Thanks a million, Jenelle, for sharing this pillow!

And thanks for stopping by.

Happy sewing,

And here is my Bee-Show:

 P.S. I’m liking up this post to the Echinops and Aster final link-up, here‘s the way back to Jenelle’s blog.

P.P.S.: Edit on 14/06/2013: I link this up to the Kate Spain Bloghop on Blossom Heart Quilts. Here’s the link back.

Made with Jelly Rolls – Wedding Quilt

I posted about this quilt nearly a year ago, and have had it stored in my closet ever since. And now it’s official, my friend’s wedding date is set and she will get this quilt made with three Jelly Rolls.

And – FINALLY 🙂 – on April 27th it will move to its new owners. They don’t follow my blog, so they won’t know anything about this present. I look forward to seeing their surprised faces.

In general, I use Jelly Rolls quite often. Also the Over The Rainbow Quilt is made of Jelly Roll strips. I had it in the Quilting Gallery Show and Tell three weeks ago and finished second. Thanks a million for your votes by the way.

Now I go blog hopping – give it a try, it’s real fun. Last time I won three prices and found lots of interesting and lovely blogs with tons of inspiration.

Happy sewing or hopping,

ABQ (Aurifil-Bartending-Quilting)

 I’m completely impressed by Casa Cenina!
My Aurifil threads have arrived today, they were shipped on Monday and sent by AIR MAIL! Imagine, from Milan to Munich, about 600 km, and for a very reasonable shipping rate.
Here they are:

My parents are on a business trip to Italy next week, and I’ve already passed my order for more Aurifil to my mom. Let’s see if she’s successful… 🙂

Now there’s the thread to go on quilting my helix quilts. I’ve quilted straight lines onto the coloured spiral, and I’m planning some grey variegated (Aurifil Mako 50 No.4665) in a meander FMQ for the negative space.

While waiting for the threads to arrive I did some bagmaking. I used Kirsten Link’s Bucket Bag pattern from her Craftsy class. 
These bags turn out really nice! I gave one to my mum to store her knitting things, one is for myself and I’m planning to give the third bag to our Kindergarden for their spring market. 
I’ve covered Aurifil and quilting, now to bartending. My DH gave me Charles Schumann’s cocktail recipe book a few weeks ago. Now I’m our private at home bartender and serve a cocktail now and then. The book is fantastic, full of recipes and useful things about mixing and spirits. And, what I find really handy, a double index for the recipes, one in alphabetical order and one for the spirits used. It’s really worth the money. One of my bartending attempts: 
Happy Sewing

A source for Aurifil threads in Europe!

I find Aurifil threads rather hard to get here in Germany. You have to search the stores and aren’t lucky most of the times. You can get them only at very few quilt shops, and they’re uber-expensive here.

After some time googling and searching I found an online shop in Italy who ship to customers all over Europe – Casa Cenina.

They have Aurifil Cotton Makó 50/Ne 220 yards for approx. the same price as in the US, but shipping is far cheaper and I don’t have to pay import tax or VAT because it’s included already.

Their logistics seem quite transparent, you get email notifications regularly and the only charge your credit card the day they ship, not before.
My order of Aurifil threads is on the way via DHL, so it can be tracked through the whole shipment.
50/Ne #4665  🙂
(photo taken from http://www.casacenina.de/aurifil/50-ne-4665.html)

I look forward to receiving my package and keep you updated.

Happy sewing,

Please vote!

I’ve submitted my first quilt to the quilting gallery show and tell. It’s “Over The Rainbow I”, the quilt I gave to my brother and his fiancé for Christmas 2011. Here’s my post.

Please, please, please vote for me here!

Thanks a million!

Happy Sewing,