Honeycomb Pillow Times Three

Honeycomb Stitch-Along
*** Attention, this is a picture-heavy post! ***

When I saw the fantastic pillow sew-along on Echinops and Aster I decided that I wanted to try this pillow, it’s really gorgeous. My dad’s a beekeeper and he turned 60 last week, so I quickly got to the idea to make these pillows for him as a birthday gift.
So, finally, I made three of them – two for my dad and one for my hubby. Here they are:

a.) my test pillow in fabric that more or less matches the fabric used in my Helix quilts

b.) the pillows I gave my father for his birthday

I did the 20″ pillow case, and it fits precisely! Jenelle did a really great job in designing this pillow, it’s fun to make and a joy to look at.
The fabric collection Honey Honey by Kate Spain looks precious, it’s a really good choice. But I’m a Kate Spain fanatic anyway… I’d probably love all her fabric lines… 😉

Congatulations to Jenelle on this awesome work!

I printed all the instructions, and I’m sure I’ll make a few more of these. They are really easy to follow and very understandable. So: full recommendation and at least 7 ********* to Jenelle for her pillow!

Thanks a million, Jenelle, for sharing this pillow!

And thanks for stopping by.

Happy sewing,

And here is my Bee-Show:

 P.S. I’m liking up this post to the Echinops and Aster final link-up, here‘s the way back to Jenelle’s blog.

P.P.S.: Edit on 14/06/2013: I link this up to the Kate Spain Bloghop on Blossom Heart Quilts. Here’s the link back.


3 thoughts on “Honeycomb Pillow Times Three

  1. That is so cool that you made both the warm and cool colorway, I am going to make a second one too when the Briar Rose fabric line comes out. Lovely stitching job on that last picture.

  2. Wow! You made three pillows! Each turned out so beautifully too. 🙂 I love how the bees worked on each of the different fabric options. Thanks for stitching along with me!

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