A source for Aurifil threads in Europe!

I find Aurifil threads rather hard to get here in Germany. You have to search the stores and aren’t lucky most of the times. You can get them only at very few quilt shops, and they’re uber-expensive here.

After some time googling and searching I found an online shop in Italy who ship to customers all over Europe – Casa Cenina.

They have Aurifil Cotton Makó 50/Ne 220 yards for approx. the same price as in the US, but shipping is far cheaper and I don’t have to pay import tax or VAT because it’s included already.

Their logistics seem quite transparent, you get email notifications regularly and the only charge your credit card the day they ship, not before.
My order of Aurifil threads is on the way via DHL, so it can be tracked through the whole shipment.
50/Ne #4665  🙂
(photo taken from http://www.casacenina.de/aurifil/50-ne-4665.html)

I look forward to receiving my package and keep you updated.

Happy sewing,


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